THE OUD!-Aram Arakelian

 HRKCD 8609

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It's impossible to under-estimate the hugely influential part the oud has played in the evolution of the stringed instrument. Indeed, the word "oud", when it crossed the Mediterranean spreading north and east to transform from the Arabic "el oud" to become "lute" and the progeny of the mandolin and guitar and other plucked string instruments that we know so well today.

Here we have an exciting representation of this classic instrument played by one of its greatest exponents.

This release has a fascinating expert essay too.
Belly Dancing anyone?....

Track Listing
1. Oriental Mood
2. Arabic Waltz
3. Izmir
4. Memories
5. Halay
6. Reverie
7. Happy Sultan
8. King's Entrance
9. Fountain
10. Arabic dance
11. Oriental Rhythm
12. Grecian Fantasy