Lady in Cement - CD

HRKCD 8031

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Hugo Montenegro’s raunchy and atmospheric score smartly conjures up the sleazy side of Miami in the 1960’s – its run-down South Beach hotels (!), brothels and last-gasp Mafia members are all here.

P-I Tony Rome is played by Frank Sinatra with ‘ample’ support from Racquel Welch and Dan Blocker. An unique feature of this release are the excellent interviews with Welch and Blocker carried out by the late radio station boss of Miami's WQAM, Charlie Murdock.



 Lady in Cement
Track Listing
1. Lady In Cement
2. Jilly's Joint
3. Kit
4. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
5. Yale's Pool Room
6. The Shark
7. Tony's Theme
8. Give Me The Simple Life
9. Ruby's Burlesque
10. Again
Bonus Tracks:
11. Tony's Theme - alternate version
12. Lady In Cement - alternate  version
13. Interview with Raquel Welch  and Dan Blocker