HRKLP 8405

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Definitely one of John Barry’s most enchanting and romantic scores, with its quietly insistent theme this delightful story set in London’s “Swinging Sixties” and based on a stage play by Peter Schaffer called “The Public Eye”.

This album is a pure delight!  Originally only ever issued as an LP in the UK and Japan, where the movie has a great following because of its quirky London street-name references, it has become something of a collector’s item. 

Last year, we released a CD version of this, and now, once again, it’s available as an LP. If you do get the chance to find a copy of the movie, do watch it and you’ll see how much fun legendary director Carol Reed (The Third Man, Our Man In Havana, Oliver!) obviously had with his cast in making this London-based movie. It was Reed’s last movie.

Track Listing
Side 1
1. Follow, Follow – Main Theme
2. The Meeting
3. The Man On A Scooter – Follow, Follow
4. Another Chance
5. This Is How You Dance
6. Off Again – Follow, Follow
Side 2
1. Follow, Follow
2. Streets And parks And Lanes
3. Some Party
4. Closer And Closer
5. The Tickle Of Original Feeling
6. Follow, Follow – End Title