Follow Me!

Follow Me
 HRKCD 8303

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“Follow Me!” (also known in the U.S. as “The Public Eye”) is the fourth in our quartet of rarer John Barry releases and is here for the first time on CD.
This utterly delightful score was featured in the last film Sir Carol Reed directed and starred Mia Farrow and Topol. It tells the story of a strange, and as it turns out, imagined ménage-a-trois which was based on a London stage play by Peter Shaffer.
Central to the movie were the bizarrely-named locations in London.

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Track Listing
1. Follow, Follow – Main Title
2. The Meeting
3. The Man On A Scooter – Follow, Follow
4. Another Chance
5. This Is How You Dance!
6. Off Again – Follow, Follow
7. Follow, Follow
8. Streets And Parks And Lanes
9. Some Party
10. Closer And Closer
11. The Tickle Of Original Feeling
12. Follow, Follow – End Title
Original Soundtrack Score Composed and Conducted by John Barry