Toni Fisher
 HRKCD 8225

 Special 31 Track edition!

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An accomplished singer of many years, who, with producer Wayne Shanklin, scored a huge worldwide hit with “The Big Hurt”.  The record caused a stir with its unique phasing, or, misaligned sound (due to the out-of-phase phenomenon that occurred when the twin-tracking effect ‘went wrong’). 

Such is the history of hit! Sadly, despite an effort to capture further success with “West Of The Wall” (some say, one of the first protest songs), which was her only other hit, Toni skipped from label to label without any other winners.

Nonetheless, this revised version of our earlier release now adds further tracks that were previously unavailable. The 76+ minute CD features rare archive photographs from the Shanklin archive, and hugely informative notes from sixties musicologist, Austin Powell.

Track Listing
1. Speak of the Devil
2. Blue, Blue, Blue
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Love Affair
5. Why Can't the Dark Leave Me Alone?
6. Gloomy Sunday
7. The Big Hurt
8. Springtime of Life 
9. Gotta Walk, Can't Sleep
10. What Did I do?
11. My Silent Love
12. Maybe (He'll think of Me)
13. A Million Heartbeats From Now
14. Train of Love (1st Version)
15. West of the Wall
16. If I loved you
17. Memphis Belle
18. Hold Me
19. How Deep is the Ocean
20. Laugh or Cry
21. Lovers, Dreamers, Fools
22. Train of Love (2nd Version)
23. Springtime of Life
24. Love Big
25. Quickly My Love
26. The Music From the House Next Door
27. You Won't Forget Me
28. Everlasting Love
29. Red Sea of Mars
30. 365 Disappointments
31. Cry a Little For Me