Bell, Book And Candle

 HRKCD 8099

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First performed as a stage play on Broadway in 1954, it was ideal material for A Hollywood re-working. Perfectly cast with James Stuart and Kim Novak, it was loaded with hidden sub-plots.

Ostensibly a story of modern-day witchcraft in a highly-stylised New York City at Christmas, those “in the know” tapped their noses in recognition of the (then) unspoken subject of LGBT.

A tremendous orchestral score by George Duning (recorded in Germany) and featuring the Brothers Candoli, this beautifully remastered edition has a bonus track of Phillippe Clay in the famous nightclub scene performing a seldom-heard composition by Charles Aznavour.

Packed with dense explanatory notes, this is now re-released by us due to public demand.

Track Listing
1. Bell, Book And Candle – Main Title
2. Pyewacket/Queenie/Gil
3. Send Me Nicky
4. Way out Calypso
5. Stormy Weather
6. The Spell (Shep Hooked)
7. The Herb Shop
8. I Wish I Could
9. Shep Shook
10. Where’s Pyewacket?
11. Pyewacket Returns
12. L'assassin  Ennuyé (The Bored Assassin)
Vocal by Phillippe Clay
13. Zodiac Serenade
14. Zodiac Blues
15. Only human – End Title