The Dudley Moore Trio - Authentic Dud Vol 2

 HRKCD 8019

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Fellow Magdalen College student John Bassett has written exclusive and highly entertaining and informative notes on this release and on the pleasurable days he spent with Dudley at Oxford.

John was the artistic director for the unforgettable amalgamation of Dudley together with Peter Cook, Alan Bennet and Jonathan Miller who went to the Edinburgh Fringe and performed their hilarious sketches as “Beyond The Fringe” which, following a record-breaking run in London went on with its very British humour to be an equally resounding hit on Broadway too!

This collection of trio sides recorded at the Olympic Studios in London is supplemented by two tracks, "Strictly For The Birds" and "Duddley Dell" produced by Sir George Martin at Abbey Road at around the same time as the recording of “Beyond the Fringe” and shows off Dud at his most playful and enjoyable.

This CD was originally issued by us in 2002 and subsequently deleted after a couple of years. We are delighted to offer it again following the re-discovery of stocks at our old warehouse.



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Track Listing  
1. My Blue Heaven 5.40
2. Lysie Does It 5.29
3. Poova Nova 4.40
4. Take Your Time 5.24
5. Indiana 3.42
6. Sooz Blues 10.44
7. Baubles, Bangles and Beads 5.16
8. Sad One For George 3.54
9. Autumn Leaves 4.08
10. Strictly For The Birds 1.59
11. Duddley Dell 2.11