About Us

Harkit (an acronym of the founder’s parents’ names HARry and KITty – and also meaning “listen to”) first hit the music scene in 1999 with a deluxe gatefold vinyl edition of Barbarella. This followed a visit to Los Angeles and a meeting with co-composer, Bob Crewe,

Harkit was primarily established to re-release archival film music that had hitherto been difficult to find.

Other rare titles followed both as CDs and vinyl where Harkit Records was an early adopter of the then-considered practically defunct format.

Following the success of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook’s score of Bedazzled, there followed music by Dudley’s Trio and a branch out into the realms of jazz which included a series of previously unreleased recordings from performances at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in the 1960s under the umbrella title “Live In London”.

Over the past almost twenty years, Harkit has also diversified into “synchronisation” or “sync” which is the licensing of music for internet, commercials, television and films. Harkit is now a leading international player in this highly specialised field.

Contemporary film music has also been issued with releases of British film composer Alex Heffes famous for Touching the Void, The Last King Of Scotland, Secret State, Black Mirror, 11:22:63 and many documentary scores. Alex had his first ever commercial soundtrack release on Harkit Records with his rousing score for
The Parole Officer (2001 – starring Steve Coogan).

Veteran composer, Jim Parker’s music for the phenomenally acclaimed television series “Foyle’s War” continues to be a best seller for Harkit too.

We are constantly looking for previously unreleased material in both film and jazz genres and welcome any submissions.

Much archival material can be in relatively poor condition; whether as acetate discs or reel tapes. We have a dedicated in-house Remastering facility and are able to offer this specialist service to others.