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HRKCD 8212

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Not a name that you hear often, but Don was highly influential in the Hollywood recording studio system working in the 60's where he conceived and produced this absolutely sensational (and some would say) ultimate Exotica album. Here, for the very first time, with rare bonus tracks is the crucial and essential test for your stereo system. Your ears won't believe what they're hearing! With comments from Darrel Brogden, host of Kansas Public Radio's Retro Cocktail Hour, we guarantee you'll have this on in the car from the word Go!



1. Safradesia
2. Face Beside the Fire
3. Ju-Ju man
4. Black Panther  
5. Zulu Magic  
6. Moon Goddess  
7. Head Hunter  
8. Saoco
9. The Mystery Of Yumbaya
10. Voodoo Pricess  
11. Ritual Of The Cobra  
12. Poison Dart  
13. Mombasa
14. Sacrifice Of The Maidens
15. Pasion Caliente
16. Bellezza Y Diavolo  
17. Session Grande