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  The Penthouse

HRKCD 8081

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Peter Collinson, who directed The Italian Job, and had his friend Noël Coward given a starring role as Mr. Bridger made this spooky chiller in 1967. The claustrophobic nature of the movie is amply captured in John Hawksworth's score. Also here are some dialogue sequences including the celebrated urban legend of the "Alligators of the New York Sewers!"

Great Suzy Kendall pix!

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1. The Penthouse - Main Title Theme
2. Dance
3. Plenty Of Provisions
4. Alligator Monologue
5. Whee!
6. No One Will Ever Know
7. No Tears
8. The World Is Full Of Lonely Men (Sung by Lisa Shane)
9. Think I'll Close The Curtains
10. Bruce Has Been Telling Me
11. Listen To Music
12. I Deeply Regret
13. Miracle Of Love