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  Houseboat - OST George Duning

HRKCD 8147

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Here's the track that everybody is humming! As featured in the new Twinings Tea commercial sung by Sophia Loren. It's from our EXCLUSIVE CD of the soundtrack music for the 1958 hit movie "Houseboat" in which she starred with Cary Grant.

Following on from the superb music for BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE (Harkit HRKCD 8099), here's George Duning again with a perfect fit of music to the movie. PLUS! The ever-so delectable Sophia Loren heard here on two songs. Great booklet accompanies the CD. This is pure enjoyment!


1. Prelude  
2. Bing! Bang! Bong! - Vocal Sophia Loren
3. Houseboat Return
4. Tired Tourist  
5. Canoe Music - Distant Carnival  
6. Houseboat Jump
7. Cinzia Charleston - Rock Cinzia, Rock  
8. Houseboat Haven - Cinzia And Tom  
9. Lame Brain David - Pig-Headed  
10. Almost In Your Arms - Vocal Sophia Loren
11. Country Club Swing
12. Father's Logic  
13. Cinzia's Gown - Tears And Sympathy  
14. Country Club Dance  
15. Tom And Elizabeth  
16. Country Club Jump  
17. Cinzia Flips
18. Love In A Dinghy  
19. Reconciled - End Title