On Any Sunday - OST Dominic Frontiere

 HRKCD 8185

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This little-known Steve McQueen starrer comes from the early 70’s with a driving, yet laid-back distinctive score by Dominic Frontiere. The movie (which was co-produced by McQueen) was actually an homage to dirt bike riders and their passion for what they do “on any Sunday” across America.
Filmed in a gritty 16mm with zeal and delight by the late Bruce Brown, is now very much a cult-classic with bikers around the world.

The illustrated accompanying booklet has a superb essay by the editor of MotoX magazine, Simon Swan, and full to capacity with rare stills, we guarantee you’ll love it!

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Track Listing
1. On Any Sunday
2. The End of Love
3. Stretchin' Out
4. On Any Sunday
5. Sunday Drivin'
6. I Believed
7. Hindsight
8. Messin' Around
9. Theme For The Champions
10. Cross Country
11. Widow Maker
12. On Any Sunday - End Title