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 On Any Sunday - OST Dominic Frontiere

 HRKCD 8185

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This little-known Steve McQueen starrer comes from the early 70’s with a driving, yet laid-back distinctive score by Dominic Frontiere.  The movie (which was co-produced by McQueen) was actually an homage to dirt bike riders and their passion for what they do “on any Sunday” across America.  Filmed with  zeal and delight by Bruce Brown, is now very much a  cult-classic with bikers around the world. Superb essay by the editor of MotoX magazine, Simon Swan, and full to capacity with rare stills, we guarantee you’ll love it!

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Track Listing
1. On Any Sunday
2. The End of Love
3. Stretchin' Out
4. On Any Sunday
5. Sunday Drivin'
6. I Believed
7. Hindsight
8. Messin' Around
9. Theme For The Champions
10. Cross Country
11. Widow Maker
12. On Any Sunday - End Title